Altheil Chronicle Mobile RPG introduced God Characters Ribetine and Obser

New event "cherry blossom forest festival" began today on March 27, 2018 (Tuesday) at the god feeling revolver battle RPG Altheil Chronicle for smartphones. In this event, the new GOD character Ribetine (CV. Yaman Kamakura / illustration: Genyaky) and Obser (CV. Yuta Nanaitsu / illustration.kgr) have appeared and you can play the story quest named after the spring. Also during the event period (March 27th - April 17th), a login bonus will be implemented that can give you 'Causal stone' etc.

Altheil Chronicle RibetineAltheil Chronicle Obser












Cherry Blossom Festival Yume Festival Gacha

Starting today the new GOD characters Ribetine and Obser are included in the lineup. You can get a stamp benefit every time you use ten consecutive gacha. The stamp benefit lineup includes "GOD character corresponding to each challenged ver.", And it is also possible to target acquisition of new characters from stamp benefits. In addition, the new character over UR that emerges from this Gacha will show special bonus and special abilities at the event quest "Cherry Blossom Festival Yume Festival". 

Event Quest

"Clear quest quest" is released by clearing "Story Quest" which can be advanced while enjoying the scenario. Available for clearing remuneration in each quest and event exchange item "Red Cup's Cup" or "Treasures of Fruit Liquor" as a drop item in the quest. By collecting a predetermined number of event items obtained, you can exchange rare items such as skill books at the shop. Furthermore, event missions are achieved according to the number of event items obtained, and gorgeous items can be acquired. 

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