Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis Preview Video Released

A preview video of Fist of the Blue SkySen no Ken REGENESIS, was released Friday, April 28th.

In the video the producers explain the anime and review three stories, and scenes from the fourth episode were recorded with commentaries. The first episode to the fourth episode of this work will be broadcast in Japan on May 4th.

Fist of the Blue Sky is a story set in the past of "Hokuto no Ken" that depicts the battle of the 62nd Hokuto Shinken trader / Kashiro Shiro who was called the strongest in the history of the Hokuto 1800 year. In the monthly comic Xenon (Tokuma Shoten), original is original, supervised by Takeshi Takami, Hiroyuki Yatsu served as a script, and a new work, "Feng Fengi Genesis" handed by Hidenori Tsuji, is being serialized.

Fist of the Blue Sky Poster

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