My Hero Academia The Movie: The Two Heroes Teaser Trailer Released

My Hero Academia The Movie: The Two Heroes released a 30-second teaser trailer today. The movie will be released in theaters on Friday, August 3, 2018.

The first half is colored with the original scenes of the manga, giving a feel for the history Kohei Horikoshi's story. In the second half, we see the appearance of youthful All Might, who has never been drawn either in the original or TV series.

The film's story begins in the year's end-of-school exam. Desk and All Might receive a special invitation to visit "I • Island," a moving city with huge population that floats on a foreign sea. During an expo the security system of the island is hacked by the villain and all the people on the island are captured and taken as hostages. A plan that will shake the structure of the hero society will be launched! The one person holding the key to peace is All Might.

My Hero Academia Movie Poster

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