Re:Zero Rem in Life-Size AR

Rem of "Re: Zero World Starting from Zero" has been created in life-sized Augmented Reality (AR). View Rem standing, sitting or fighting anywhere. Rem appears as the first collaboration with "HoloModels" for iPhone app iOS specialized on animated AR figure drawn with 3DCG. 
Re:Zero Rem in Augmented Reality AR
AR figure is a digital goods of a new era that decorates figures made with 3DCG, in a favorite place through a screen such as a smartphone. You can fine-tune your poses and facial expressions, and you can change the size as you wish from 1/1, 1/7, 1/12, 1/60, 1/144. 

Re:Zero Rem in Augmented Reality AR
"Rem figure AR figure" can be enjoyed by changing the size, pose, and facial expression as you like by decorating a life-size leem in real space by using space recognition by Apple's AR technology "ARKit" It's charm. Also, besides being transformed into a demonized form of rem, it is possible to have "rice cake", "odd one" that can be installed like an AR figure, "seal" that can be pasted in space, etc., a smartphone You can enjoy various rems.

To purchase it, purchase from the AR Figure sales site "HoloModels web store" (3780 yen · tax included), and add an AR figure of REM by linking applications with accounts. The application itself is free. A new shape "AR figure" that decorates favorite characters not only at home but also on the go, without taking up places to place in real space. I also want to expect future developments. 

Via AnimeAnime

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